Lill (2014)

“To perceive is to render oneself present to something through the body.” - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

"Lill" is a solo, improvisational work which aims to translate the act of perceiving self into a performance; in other words, create a dance work to be witnessed by an audience whereby the content of the work came solely from the dancer's real-time perception of self in the particular context of a dance performance. Abandoning external choreography and engaging with the act of self-perception as source material, the performer navigates the contradictions of performing self in an honest manner, creating an immediate and thorough self-portrait. 

Concept and Performance: Bridget Lappin

Rehearsal Mentor: Lauren Potter

Created as the practical component  of an MA Degree through London Contemporary Dance School

"She’s clearly comfortable with making her audience uncomfortable... Her composure is commendable ... [and] she’s never far from a quiet moment" - Review from Sara Veale