The Art of Exposure (2016)

Choreography and Performance: Bridget Lappin

Created for Resolution 2016 at 

Supported by:

"...she spends the entire performance shedding her camouflage just enough to establish it, teasing us with her ability to materialize out of the dark and leave an indelible image... It is the art of exposure by stealth and suggestion and it is remarkably persuasive." - Review by Nicoloas Minns

“Vulnerable, evocative, sensual, powerful and wonderfully giggly!” – Audience member

"The dance equivalent of a rhetorical question..." - Review by Ka Bradley

Background Photo by Gabi Serani

She lives in the shadows where she can thrive. She creates her own darkness, existing where no one can find her. So what do you see?

The Art of Exposure is a solo work inspired by ninjas and hiding oneself as a means of survival. The performer becomes her own ninja persona, constructed of cult images and performative states of hiding. She presents herself as she feels she needs to, blurring the line between honesty and deception, illusion and truth. She conceals herself and yet, in the process reveals more of herself in an intimate self-portrait.